Deputy Director, Energetic Materials Center
Materials Science Division
Phone: +19254238618


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Colorado State University, 1999
  • B.S., Chemistry, University of California at Davis, 1992

Research Interests

  • The application of advanced manufacturing processes to the synthesis, formulation, and fabrication of energetic composites
  • The aging and compatibility characteristics of energetic materials and novel methods for determining such
  • Combustion behavior of energetic nano composites
  • Sol-gel synthesis and characterization of materials for energy storage, catalysis, and optical applications


  • Defense Programs Award of Excellence, 2008
  • Nanotech Briefs of Tech Briefs Media Group, Nano 50 Award 2008, Subject: Energetic Nanocomposites
  • ES&H Exceptional Service Award, 2006
  • CMS Associate Director Award for Excellence in Scientific Publication, 2005
  • Directorate Award for Multiprogrammatic Scientific/Technical Contributions, 2002



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Recent Publications

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