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Research Interests

Digital signal and image processing research in the areas of computer algorithms, numerical methods, sensor technologies, visualization techniques, and multidimensional signal processing.  Particular interest has been in tomographic image and volume reconstruction using specialized model-based inversion methods.

Research and Professional Experience

36 year R&D career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Retired 2015; Now consultant to LLNL




  • 2007 US Patent No. 7,285,092:  Computerized Ultrasound Risk Evaluation
  • 2006 US Patent No. 6,984,210:  Diagnostic Analysis of Ultrasound Data
  • 2004 US Patent No. 20040167396 A1:  Quantitative full-aperture ultrasound tomography
  • 2004 US Patent No. 20040122325 A1:  Diagnostic Analysis of Ultrasound Data
  • 2004 US Patent No. 20040122304 A1:  Computerized Ultrasound Risk Evaluation Quantitation of Absorbed or Deposited Materials on a Substrate that Measures Energy deposition.
  • 1995 US Patent No. 5,475,726:  Limited-data Cone-beam Computed Tomography

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering and Computing Science, UC Davis, 1991

M.S. Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon U., 1978

B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley, 1977

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  • Director of the Center for Advanced Signal and Image Sciences (CASIS) for eight years
  • 2009 R&D100 Award winner:  Landmine Detection System (Project Leader)
  • 2008 R&D100 Award winner:  SecureBox: National Security Through Secure Cargo
  • 2000 R&D100 Award winner:  Waste Inspection Tomography for Nondestructive Assay
  • 1998 R&D100 Award winner:  HERMES Bridge Inspection Project (Project Leader)
  • 1998 National Academy of Engineering Young Investigator