Mavrik Zavarin

Director, Glenn T. Seaborg Institute
Physical and Life Sciences Directorate
Phone: +19254246491


  • Ph.D., Soil Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley, 1999
  • B.S., Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley, 1992

Research Interests

Environmental radiochemistry, Actinide chemistry, Surface complexation modeling of contaminant-mineral interactions, and Reactive transport modeling.

Professional Experience

Adjunct Professor, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Adjunct Professor, Las Positas Community College, Livermore, CA

Visiting Scientist, Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany

Project Manager, Underground Test Area (UGTA) project, Chemical Sciences Division, LLNL, Radiochemical and reactive transport modeling investigations of contaminant transport at the Nevada Test Site

Geochemist, Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Laboratory investigations of sorption and mineral dissolution, and development of surface complexation/ion exchange and reactive transport models


Member: Department of Energy, Office of Science, Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee

Lecturer, Nuclear Forensics Undergraduate Summer School, Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Member: Technical Working Group, UGTA project (scientific project oversight)


  • American Chemical Society
  • The Glenn T. Seaborg Institute, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA
  • Sigma Xi, Livermore Chapter, Livermore, CA (Treasurer)

Recent Students and Postdocs

Corey Pilgrim (Graduate Student NEUP fellow, U.C. Davis, 2014-present); Jennifer Wong (Graduate Student, Clemson University, 2012-present); Chad Durrant (Graduate Student, Penn State, 2013-present); Adele Panasci (Lawrence Scholar, UC Davis, 2013-present); Claudia Joseph (post-doc, 2013-present); Mark Boggs (post-doc, 2012-present); James Begg (post-doc, 2010-2013); Ruth M. Tinnacher (post-doc, 2008-2011); Brian A. Powell (post-doc, 2006-2008); Jennifer Wong (summer intern, PhD student, Clemson University, 2011); Sandra Fernando (summer intern, University of Michigan, 2011); Ana Benedicto (intern, CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain, 2011); Mathew Snow (summer intern, Washington state University, 2010); Mathilde Bourbin (intern, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Paris, France, 2007, 2008)


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