Jae Hyuck Yoo

Staff Scientist
Materials Science Division
Email: yoo5@llnl.gov
Phone: +19254220234


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, 2014
  • M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea, 2009
  • B.A., Electrical Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea, 2005

Research Interests

  • Laser based material processing (damage/ablation, dewetting, sintering, crystallization, transformation, deposition, ..)
  • Light based diagnostics (Raman spectroscopy, scanning photocurrent microscope, PL lifetime, shadography, ..)
  • System integration/automation
  • Data anlaysis (machine learning, big data handling, compressive sensing, ..)

Honors and Awards

  • DDST Excellence in Publication Award, LLNL, 2018
  • Kwangjeong Scholarship, Kwanjeong Educational Foundation, Korea, 2010 - 2014 
  • Best Award in University Hacking Contest, Kimcheon College, Korea, 2003

Selected Publications

(Full list of publications)

  1. Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Andrew Lange, John Chesser, Steve Falabella, and Selim Elhadj, "A survey of transparent conducting films and optoelectrical materials for high optical power applications", Physica Status Solidi (a) (2019)
  2. Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Hoang T Nguyen, Nathan J Ray, Michael A Johnson, William A Steele, John M Chesser, Salmaan H Baxamusa, Selim Elhadj, Joseph T McKeown, Manyalibo J Matthews, and Eyal Feigenbaum, "Scalable light-printing of substrate-engraved free-form metasurfaces", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2019)
  3. Hyuk-Jun Kwon, Junyeob Yeo, Jae Eun Jang, Costas P Grigoropoulos, and Jae-Hyuck Yoo, "Single pass laser process for super-hydrophobic flexible surfaces with micro/nano hierarchical structures", Materials (2018)
  4. Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Subrina Rafique, Andrew Lange, Hongping Zhao, and Selim Elhadj, "Lifetime laser damage performance of -Ga2O3 for high power applications", APL Materials (2018)
  5. Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Manyalibo Matthews, Phil Ramsey, Antonio Correa Barrios, Austin Carter, Andrew Lange, Jeff Bude, and Selim Elhadj, "Thermally ruggedized ITO transparent electrode films for high power optoelectronics", Optics Express (2017)
  6. Selim Elhadj and Jae-Hyuck Yoo, "Efficient method for the measurement of lifetime optical damage performance of thin film coatings from laser damage size analysis", Optics Letters (2017)
  7. Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Andrew Lange, Jeff Bude, and Selim Elhadj, "Optical and electrical properties of indium tin oxide films near their laser damage threshold", Optical Materials Express (2017)
  8. Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Eunpa Kim, and David J Hwang, "Femtosecond laser patterning, synthesis, defect formation, and structural modification of atomic layered materials", MRS Bulletin (2016)
  9. Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Marlon G Menor, John J Adams, Rajesh N Raman, Jonathan RI Lee, Tammy Y Olson, Nan Shen, Joonki Suh, Stavros G Demos, Jeff Bude, and Selim Elhadj, "Laser damage mechanisms in conductive widegap semiconductor films", Optics Express (2016)
  10. Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Hyuk-Jun Kwon, Dongwoo Paeng, Junyeob Yeo, Selim Elhadj, and Costas P Grigoropoulos, "Facile fabrication of a superhydrophobic cage by laser direct writing for site-specific colloidal self-assembled photonic crystal", Nanotechnology (2016)
  11. Dongwoo Paeng*, Jae-Hyuck Yoo*, Junyeob Yeo, Daeho Lee, Eunpa Kim, Seung Hwan Ko, and Costas P. Grigoropoulos, "Low-cost facile fabrication of flexible transparent copper electrode by nanosecond laser ablation", Advanced Materials *Equal contribution (2015)
  12. Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Jung Bin In, Ioanna Sakellari, Rajesh Raman, Manyalibo Matthews, Selim Elhadj, Cheng Zheng, and Costas Grigoropoulos, "Directed dewetting of amorphous silicon film by a donut-shaped laser pulse", Nanotechnology (2015)
  13. Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Jong Bok Park, Sanghoon Ahn, and Costas P Grigoropoulos, "Laser-induced direct graphene patterning and simultaneous transferring method for graphene sensor platform", Small (2013)
  14. Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Jung Bin In, Jong Bok Park, Hojeong Jeon, and Costas P Grigoropoulos, "Graphene folds by femtosecond laser ablation", Applied Physics Letters (2012)