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Research Interests

My current research lies in additive manufacturing for energy applications with special focus on batteries. Examples include architecting lithium battery components to achieve high power densities, dry processing to reduce manufacturing cost, and high- volume manufacturing for solid state batteries to improve safety and energy density.

Ph.D., Hong Kong Polytechnic University

M.Sc., Shanghai Jiao Tong University

B.S., Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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For a full list, see: Google Scholar


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  • 2014         Physical and Life Sciences Directorate Award for “Excellence in Publications”, LLNL
  • 2018         Deputy Director’s S&T Excellence in Publication Award, LLNL
  • 2019         Deputy Director’s S&T Excellence in Publication Award, LLNL
  • 2020         Physical and Life Sciences Directorate Award for “Excellence in Publications”, LLNL
  • 2022         Physical and Life Sciences Directorate Award for “Excellence in Publications”, LLNL