Lana L. Wong

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    Materials Scientist
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Lana Wong is a materials scientist supporting the optics efforts for the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).  She holds degrees in Ceramic Engineering (B.S.) and Materials Science & Engineering (M.S.) both from the University of Washington.  She divides her time between production and research responsibilities as the component engineer for the disposable debris shield (DDS) and fused silica debris shield (FSDS), and support for Science & Technology efforts related to NIF optics. 

Lana enjoyed math and sciences in high school which naturally led her to study engineering in college.  A space shuttle tile demonstration, highlighting fast heat dissipation, at a science fair lured her into the field of ceramic engineering.

Lana worked in the refractories industry right after college.  Over 14 years, she developed new formulations and technologies for refractory castables, plastics and mortars.  In 2002, Lana arrived at LLNL to support the Yucca Mountain Project (YMP).  She developed much needed cleaning protocols for the Long Term Corrosion Test Facility (LTCTF) coupons exposed to various groundwaters.  Since 2004, Lana has provided technical support for NIF in the areas of finishing (sub-surface damage) including slurry stabilization to prevent agglomeration during polishing, as well as etching and mitigation strategies to reduce or eliminate laser-induced damage on NIF optics by improving their surface quality.

M.S., Materials Science & Engineering, University of Washington, 1988

B.S., Ceramic Engineering, University of Washington, 1986

Selected publications

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R. Dylla-Spears, M. Feit, P. Miller, W. Steele, T. Suratwala, L. Wong, “Polishing slurry preventing agglomeration of charged colloids without loss of surface activity,” US Patent App. 10,287,457 (2019).

P. Miller, T. Suratwala, J. Bude, N. Shen, W. Steele, T. Laurence, “Methods for globally treating silica optics to reduce optical damage,” US Patent 8,313,662 (2012)

  • PLS Directorate Award, Impact on the Field of 3D Glass Printing Through the Use of Direct Ink Writing, 2020
  • R&D 100 Award Finalist, Laser Damage Resistant Anti-Reflection Grating Debris Shield, 2017
  • Director’s S&T Award, Advanced Radiographic Capability (ARC) at the National Ignition Facility, 2016
  • R&D 100 Award, CISR Polisher – Convergent, Initial Surface Independent Single Iteration Rogue Particle-Free, 2014
  • CMELS Associate Director Award, Identification of Precursors Responsible for Initiation of Laser Damage on the Surfaces of Fused Silica Optics, 2008
  • NIF & Photon Science Directorate Awards, 17 awards, 2005-2021