Tanya Kostova Vassilevska

Email: kostova@llnl.gov
Phone: +19254237371

Dr. Tanya Kostova-Vassilevska's research interests are in the area of Mathematical and Computational Biology.

Her work includes design and anlysis of models in neurophysiology, ecology, epidemiology, and, lately, microbial evolution. Her research includes the numerical and analytical study of the nonlinear dynamics of models based on differential equations as well as design and convergence analysis of numerical methods for these models. Her recent work involves the development of stochastic simulation models.

Tanya received her MS and PhD (mathematical modelling) from Sofia University in 1985 and is a research associate of the Institute of Mathematics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). In the past she held  visiting positions at several US Universities (most recently, UC San Diego, UC Santa Cruz and Texas A&M University).  She recently served as a Program Director in the Division of Mathematical Sciences of the National Science Foundation (2009-2011).