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    Staff Scientist
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    (925) 424-2698
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    Not Available

Research Interests

  • Clouds and convection
  • Land-atmosphere-cloud interaction
  • Remote sensing
  • Rapid intensification of tropical cyclones

Jiang, H., C. Tao, Y. Pei, 2018: Estimation of tropical cyclone intensity in the north Atlantic and north eastern Pacific basins using TRMM satellite passive microwave observations. J. Appl. Meteorol. Climatol. 58, 185–197.

Jiang, H., J. Zagrodnik, C. Tao, and E. Zipser, 2018: Classifying precipitation types in tropical cyclones using theNRL 37 GHz color product. J. Geophys. Res: Atmospheres, 123, 5509-5524.

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Tao, C., 2015: Climatology of overshootings in tropical cyclones and their roles in tropical cyclone intensity change using TRMM data. Ph.D. dissertation, Florida International University, defensed on Nov.23, 2015, 193 pp.

Tao, C., and H. Jiang, 2015: Distributions of shallow to very deep precipitation/convection in rapidly intensifying tropical cyclones. J. Climate, 28, 8791-8824. 

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  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Florida International University
  • Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF), Florida International University
  • NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF)
  • WxChallenge Forecasting Competition Category 2 Winner
  • NASA GRIP Group Achievement Award