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    Group Leader, Energy
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Research Interests

I am an energy systems analyst with a passion for understanding the interactions between technology, policy and the natural environment. My research has focused on diverse topics including the Energy-Water Nexus, carbon capture and storage, fusion energy, nuclear fuel reprocessing, soldier-portable power and hydrogen. I am the principal investigator for Lawrence Livermore’s Energy Flow Charts (

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 2000

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 1998

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  • Department of Energy’s Oppenheimer Science and Energy Leadership Program (2018)
  • Department of Energy Secretary’s Honor Award (2016)
  • LLNL Science and Technology Review ( – Scientific Editor (2013)
  • UCLA Extension’s Technical Management Program (2010)
  • General Electric Corporation Outstanding Research Project, “NOx Emissions” (2002)
  • Stanford University Centennial Teaching Assistant (2000)