Yaniv Jacob Rosen

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    Research Scientist
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    (925) 423-0943
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Yaniv is the group leader of Quantum Coherent Device Physics. Yaniv earned a Ph.D. from UC San Diego and a B.A. from UC Berkeley. Prior to joining the Laboratory as a postdoc in 2016, Yaniv was a postdoc at the Laboratory for Physics Sciences in Maryland, where he worked on quantum information systems with a focus on material sources of noise and decoherence.  After joining the Laboratory, Yaniv was a founding member and key contributor to the Quantum Coherent Device Physics Group where he helped to establish and develop the technical capabilities and research portfolio of the group.

At a Glance:

D. M. Tennant, L. A. Martinez, K. M. Beck, S. R. O'Kelley, C. D. Wilen, R. McDermott, J. L DuBois, Y. J. Rosen, “Low-Frequency Correlated Charge-Noise Measurements Across Multiple Energy Transitions in a Tantalum Transmon,” PRX Quantum 3, 030307 (2022)

M. Molina-Ruiz, Y. J. Rosen, H. C. Jacks, M. R. Abernathy, T. H. Metcalf, X. Liu, J. L DuBois, F. Hellman, “Origin of mechanical and dielectric losses from two-level systems in amorphous silicon,” Physical Review Materials 5, 035601 (2021)

Y. J. Rosen, M. Horsley, S. E. Harrison, E. T. Holland, A. S. Chang, T. Bond, J. L DuBois, “Protecting superconducting qubits from phonon mediated decay,” Applied Physics Letters 114, 202601 (2019). [Featured article]

Y. J. Rosen, M. S. Khalil, A. L. Burin, K. D. Osborn, “Random-Defect Laser: Manipulating Lossy Two-Level Systems to Produce a Circuit with Coherent Gain,” Physical Review Letters 116, 163601 (2016).

Y. J. Rosen, A. Sharoni, I. K. Schuller, “Enhanced superconducting vortex pinning with disordered nanomagnetic arrays,” Physical Review B 82, 014509 (2010).

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