Martin Robel

Portrait of  Martin Robel

  • Title
    Staff Scientist/Research Staff
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  • Phone
    (925) 422-0314
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    Not Available

Research Interests

  • Nuclear security and non-proliferation aspects of current and proposed future nuclear fuel cycle materials and processes
  • Nuclear forensics signatures
  • Database development and application to nuclear material security and forensics
  • Use of multivariate pattern classification techniques for assessment of unknown nuclear material using elemental and isotopic concentrations


  • Database design and implementation
  • Use of reactor modeling codes to generate spent fuel compositions, dose rates, and decay heat
  • Chemometrics/Machine Learning/Mulitvariate Statistics
  • Software: MATLAB, SCALE, MCNP, C#, Python, AutoCAD, Oracle, SQL Server, Filemaker Pro
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Military: Good Conduct Medal, SW Asia Service Medal, Sea Service Ribbon, National Defense Medal.
Academic: 2nd place, American Nuclear Society Student Design Competition.