Greg Pope

Phone: +19254220534

Gregory Pope has over 35 years of experience developing software in the commercial and government sectors. Greg has held positions from programmer to CEO. He has been an invited keynote speaker for numerous international symposiums related to Software Quality (STAR, Software Testing Automation, Quality Week, ITEA-DoD) and remains active in presenting papers and articles. His articles have been featured in Better Software, Computer Design, Application Development Trends, Industry Week, Computer World, Signal, Electronic Defense News, San Jose Mercury, and Software Maintenance News. He has presented more than 300 seminars internationally on Software Testing, Software Quality Assurance, and Software Project Management. He also holds patents for automated software testing systems (Ferret®) and has developed a number of methodologies used for test design and execution. Greg was selected to the software program manager’s network to audit major DoD projects and has been on the Board of Directors, International Internet and Quality Week since 1992. He is a member of the DOE‘s Software Quality Assurance subcommittee and 2003 winner of the DOE Merrin Award.

Currently Greg works at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he is Software Quality Engineering Group Leader and V&V SQE Project Leader for Advanced Scientific Computation, which creates physics simulations on the world’s largest computers. Prior to this, in 1993, he founded and ran Azor, Inc., a software testing company, until it was purchased by Tescom in 2000. Greg has also held a number of management and technical positions involved with mission critical testing of cruise missiles and military communication systems, system engineering and development of software code for real-time sorting and searching algorithms for electronic countermeasures, telemetry and data acquisition systems for flight testing helicopters, and experimental testing of jet engines.

Greg also continues to consult to industry, where his clients have included companies such as Microsoft, Borland, Apple, Sun, DHL, Siemens, Knight-Ridder, AT&T, Applied Materials, Cadence, EICON, Rogers Cantel, IRS, Abbott Labs, Measurex, Acuson, S3, Eastman Kodak, various venture capital firms and industry analysts.

Greg has a B.S. Degree from the Connecticut State University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. He is factory trained in a wide range of software test and development tools. He is also an ASQ certified Software Quality Engineer.