Andrew J. Pascall

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Professional Experience

Dr. Pascall is a member of the technical staff in the Engineering Directorate at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His thesis was on the physics of small-scale fluid flows with emphasis on nonlinear electrokinetics in microfluidic devices. Currently, he is developing new additive manufacturing techniques and is a subject matter expert in electrophoretic deposition.

Research Interests

Electrophoretic deposition, additive manufacturing, electrokinetics, microfluidics

Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara, Chemical Engineering, 2010

B.S., UC Berkeley, Chemical Engineering, 2005

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Pascall, Andrew J., Kyle T. Sullivan, and Joshua D. Kuntz, “Morphology of Electrophoretically Deposited Films on Electrode Strips,” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117, 6, 1702–1707 (2013).

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