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Professional Experience

I am a statistician and an engineer working on the Data Science component of diverse projects (e.g., global security, climate, nonproliferation) relevant to national security.

Prior to joining LLNL as a staff member, I was a Research Scientist (NATO International Civilian) in the Maritime Security Program at NATO Science & Technology Organization-CMRE where I performed big data analytics for maritime situational awareness under a research Navy Grant sponsored by the Office of Naval Research Global. The main output of the research, called TREAD (i.e., Traffic Route Extraction and Anomaly Detection) architecture was awarded at the 16th International Conference on Information Fusion and, with more than 200 citations, the related paper published in 2013, has become a reference work in the field. TREAD is an unsupervised learning methodology able to extract patterns of life from massive heterogeneous spatiotemporal data of ships at sea, thus enhancing route prediction and anomaly detection.

As a Fulbright scholarship recipient, I was a post-doctoral Research Scholar in Bayesian process control at the University of Washington, Seattle in 2011. During 2009–2011, I worked as a research associate in the area of Statistics for Experimental and Technological Research at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. I obtained my Ph.D. in Applied Statistics in Aerospace, Naval and Quality Engineering from University of Naples Federico II-Italy in 2009, supervised by Professor Pasquale Erto, with a dissertation on Bayesian control methods for non-Normal stochastic processes.

Research Interests

Bayesian inference, statistical modeling, Big Data, machine learning, anomaly detection, reliability theory, statistical process control, situational awareness, information fusion for surveillance and security applications.

Professional Memberships

  • Professional Engineer
  • International Society of Information Fusion
  • International Cartographic Association commission on Location-Based Services

Last update: October 21st, 2018

Post-doc Fulbright Scholar, University of Washington, Seattle-WA US, 2011

Ph.D., Applied Statistics, University of Naples Federico II, Italy 2009

M.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Naples Federico II, Italy, 2005

Recent presentations

  • Improving predictions of radiological surface contamination uncertainty via an ensemble of simulations, Inaugural Data Science Workshop 2018, Livermore-CA US
  • Maritime Anomaly Detection Data and Methods: a review, invited speaker at 2018 CoDA conference
  • Analysis of community evolution in networks, 2016 Joint Statistical Meeting , Chicago-IL US
  • Community detection in traffic networks, 2016 CoDA conference

NATO Technical reports

  • LLNL Engineering Directorate Award 2018 (for being both a first author and contributing to multiple publications)
  • NATO Appreciation letter, NATO Science and Technology Organization, 2015
  • Horizon 2020 Big Data Research grant for DatACRON - Big Data Analytics for Time Critical Mobility Forecasting, European Commission, 2015
  • Jean-Pierre Le Cadre best technical paper award (first runner-up), Traffic knowledge discovery from AIS data, Int. Society of Information Fusion, 2013
  • Fulbright grant, Research Scholar, United States Department of State, 2011
  • International House Federico II research award, 2008