Daniel Osei-Kuffuor

Email: oseikuffuor2@llnl.gov
Phone: +19254227683

Daniel is a graduate student intern working under Carol Woodward on the Terascale Optimal PDE Simulations (TOPS) Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) project. This summer, Daniel will be working on anisotropic heat conduction in magnetized plasmas. Specifically, his work involves the implementation of anisotropic heat conduction terms and high order splitting techniques, and the investigation of preconditioning methods for diffusive terms.

Previously, Daniel worked with his mentor, Carol Woodward, on the development and implementation of parallel and scalable numerical solver technologies based on SCIDAC software tools, for use in a Subsurface Transport over Multiple Phases (STOMP) simulator, developed at PNNL. Here, his work focussed on investigating preconditioning techniques for multi-species, multi-phase subsurface simulation, which resulted in the development and implementation of numerical and algorithmic enhancements to the code.

Currently, Daniel is a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, working under Yousef Saad in the Scientific Computations group. His area of research focusses on preconditioning techniques for highly indefinite linear systems. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics (2003) at Dowling College , NY, and a Master's in Computational Science and Engineering (2005) at the University of Greenwich in London.

In his free time, Daniel loves to watch and play soccer, listen to music, and play board games - scrabble, chess, checkers, etc.