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Alex Noy joined LLNL in 1998 as the lab's inaugural E.O. Lawrence Fellow, and became a staff scientist after the fellowship term. He is currently a research scientist at the Materials Science Division. His research centers on the fundamental studies of nanomaterials and biomaterials, where he studies nanofluidic transport and separations phenomena. In particular his group investigates water and ion transport in ultra-small carbon nanotube channels and other low-dimensional materials to enable novel precision separation solutions. Another set of  activities in his group centers on surface characterization with atomic force microscopy (AFM) with an emphasis on high-speed AFM imaging of biological molecules and materials surfaces. Noy has published over 100 peer-reviewed research papers and has 10 US and international patents. He also has an Adjunct Professor appointment at the University of California Merced. 

Ph.D., Chemistry, Harvard University, 1997

M.S., Chemistry, Harvard University, 1995

B.A., Chemistry/Physics, Moscow State University, 1992

Full publication list at Google Scholar

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2018-19 Stanley Corrsin Memorial Lectureship (Johns Hopkins University)

R&D 100 Award for Ultrapermeable Carbon Nanotube Membranes (2010)

Frost & Sullivan Emerging Technology of the Year Award (2006)

LLNL Science and Technology Award (2001)

LLNL Lawrence Fellowship (05/1998-08/2001)