Eric Meshot

Staff Scientist
Physical and Life Sciences Directorate
Phone: +19254237830


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (2012)
M.S.E. Mechanical Engineering (2011)
M.S.E. Materials Science and Engineering (2010)

University of California at Berkeley
B.S. Engineering Physics (2007)

Professional Background

Staff Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2016-present
Postdoctoral Researcher, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2013-2016
Postdoctoral Fellow, Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (imec), 2012-2013
Research Intern, Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC), 2006-2007

Awards and Honors

Director’s Award for Science and Technology Excellence, LLNL (2018)
Lab Wide Award, Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD), LLNL (2017)
Deputy Director for Science and Technology (DDS&T) Excellence in Publication Award, LLNL (2017)
Directorate Award for Excellence in Publication, Physical and Life Sciences Directorate, LLNL (2017)
Best Postdoc Poster Award, Biosciences & Biotechnology Division (BBTD), LLNL (2015)
Best Poster Award nominee, Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting (2014)
Belgian American Education Foundation (BAEF) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2012)
NSF EAPSI Gradute Fellowship, honorable mention (2010)
Rackham Graduate School Travel Grant, University of Michigan (2009, 2010, 2011)
Best Presentation Award, University of Michigan Engineering Symposium  (2008, 2009)
Department of Mechanical Engineering Graduate Research Fellowship, University of Michigan (2007)
California Governor’s Scholar Award (2003)

Selected Publications

T.A. Pham, R.M. Coulthard, M. Zobel, A. Maiti, S.F. Buchsbaum, C. Loeb, P.G. Campbell, D.L. Plata, B.C. Wood, F. Fornasiero, E.R. Meshot*.  Structural anomalies and electronic properties of an ionic liquid under nanoscale confinementThe Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 11, 6150−6155, 2020. *Corresponding author. [link]

A. Bernardi, E.R. Meshot*, R. Faller.  Confining liquids inside carbon nanotubes: accelerated molecular dynamics with spliced, soft-core potentials and simulated annealingJournal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 16, 4, 2692-2702, 2020. *Co-corresponding author. [link]

E.R. Meshot, S.J. Park, S.F. Buchsbaum, M.L. Jue, T.R. Kuykendall, E. Schaible, L.B.B. Aji, S.O. Kucheyev K.J. Wu, F. Fornasiero.  High-yield growth kinetics and spatial mapping of single-walled carbon nanotube forests at wafer scale. Carbon, 159:236–246, 2020. [link]

N.T. Dee, M. Bedewy, A. Rao, J. Beroz, B. Lee, E.R. Meshot, C.A.C. Chazot, P. Kidambi, H. Zhao, T. Serbowicz, K. Teichert, R. Purohit, A.J. Hart.  In situ mechanical manipulation of carbon nanotube forest growth. Chemistry of Materials, 31 (2), 407–418, 2019. [link]

R. Rao, C.L. Pint, A.E. Islam, R. Weatherup, S. Hofmann, E.R. Meshot, F. Wu, C. Zhou, N.T. Dee, P. Amama, W. Shi, D.L. Plata, J. Carpena, E. Penev, B.I. Yakobson, P. Balbuena, C. Bichara, D. Futaba, S. Noda, H. Shin, K.S. Kim, B. Simard, F. Mirri, Matteo Pasquali, F. Fornasiero, E.I. Kauppinen, M.S. Arnold, B.A. Cola, P. Nikolaev, S. Arepalli, H.M. Cheng, D. Zakharov, E.A Stach, M. Terrones, D.B. Geohegan, B. Maruyama, S. Maruyama, J. Zhang, Y. Li, W.W. Adams, A.J. Hart.  Carbon nanotubes and related nanomaterials: critical advances and challenges for synthesis towards mainstream commercial applications.* ACS Nano, 12 (12):11756−11784, 2018. *ACS Editor’s Choice [link]

W. Shi, X. Zhou, J. Li, E.R. Meshot, A.D. Taylor, S. Hu, J.H. Kim, M. Elimelech, D.L. Plata.  High-performance capacitive deionization via manganese oxide-coated, vertically aligned carbon nanotubes. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 5 (11), 692-700, 2018. [link]

E.R. Meshot, D.W. Zwissler, N. Bui, T.R. Kuykendall, C. Wang, A. Hexemer, K.J. Wu, F. Fornasiero.  Quantifying the hierarchical order in self-aligned carbon nanotubes from atomic to micrometer scaleACS Nano, 11 (6):5405−5416, 2017. [link]

V. Balakrishnan, M. Bedewy, E.R. Meshot, S. Pattinson, E.S. Polsen, F. Laye, D.N. Zakharov, E.A. Stach, A.J. Hart.  Real-time imaging of self-organization and mechanical competition in carbon nanotube forest growth. ACS Nano, 10 (12):11496–11504, 2016. [link]

N. Bui, E.R. Meshot, S. Kim, J. Peña, P. Gibson, K.J. Wu, F. Fornasiero.  Ultrabreathable and protective membranes with sub-5 nm carbon nanotube pores. Advanced Materials, 28:5871–5877, 2016. (Back cover; highlighted in C&EN) [link]

S. Guo, E.R. Meshot, T. Kuykendall, S. Cabrini, F. Fornasiero.  Nanofluidic transport through isolated carbon nanotube channels: advances, controversies, and challenges.*  Advanced Materials, 27:5726–5737, 2015. *Special Issue [link]

E.R. Meshot, Z. Zhao, W. Lu, A.J. Hart.  Self-ordering of small-diameter metal nanoparticles by dewetting on hexagonal mesh templatesNanoscale, 6 (17) 10106–10112, 2014. [link]

E.R. Meshot, E. A. Verploegen, M. Bedewy, S. Tawfick, A.R. Woll, K.S. Green, M. Hromalik, L.J. Koerner, H.T. Philipp, M.W. Tate, S.M. Gruner, A.J. Hart.  High-speed in situ X-ray scattering of carbon nanotube film nucleation and self-organizationACS Nano, 6 (6):5091–5101, 2012. [link]

E.R. Meshot, K.D. Patel, S. Tawfick, K.A. Juggernauth, M. Bedewy, E.A. Verploegen, M.F.L. De Volder, A.J. Hart.  Photoconductive hybrid films via directional self-assembly of C60 on aligned carbon nanotubesAdvanced Functional Materials, 22 (3):577–584, 2012.  [link]

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