Division Leader
Materials Science Division
Email: ibo@llnl.gov
Phone: +19254246762


  • Ph.D., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998
  • B.S., Applied Physics, University of California Davis, 1993

Research Interests

My research interests include laser materials processing, laser-matter interaction science, process optimization of advanced manufacturing and high-speed in situ characterization methods.

Selected Publications

  1. R. Shi, S. A. Khairallah, T. T. Roehling, T. W. Heo, J. T. McKeown, and M. J. Matthews, "Microstructural control in metal laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing using laser beam shaping strategy," Acta Materialia, 184, 284, 2020.
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  5. A. A. Martin, N. P. Calta, S. A. Khairallah, J. Wang, P. J. Depond, A. Y. Fong, V. Thampy, G. M. Guss, A. M. Kiss, K. H. Stone, C. J. Tassone, J. Nelson Weker, M. F. Toney, T. van Buuren, and M. J. Matthews, "Dynamics of pore formation during laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing," Nature Communications, 10, 1987, 2019.
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Selected Patents

  • A. M. Rubenchik, M. J. Matthews, J. Trapp, “Compact absorptivity measurement system for additive manufacturing” U.S. Patent 10,646,960 issued May 12, 2020
  • N. P. Calta, G. Guss, M. J. Matthews, “System and method for portable multi-band black body simulator” U.S. Patent 10,564,039 issued February 18, 2020
  • M. J. Matthews, E. Duoss, “In situ monitoring of direct ink write process using electromagnetic resonant coupling” U.S. Patent 10,500,835 issued December 19, 2019
  • J. J. Adams, M. Bolourchi, J. D. Bude, G. M. Guss, J. A. Jarboe, M. J. Matthews, M. C. Nostrand, and P. J. Wegner “System and method for laser-based, non-evaporative repair of damage sites in the surfaces of fused silica optics,” U.S. Patent 9,434,645, issued September 6, 2016.
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