Matt Lyman

Deputy Group Leader, BioSecurity & BioForensics
Biosciences and Biotechnology Division
Phone: +19254242039


Postdoctoral Fellowship
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Department of Molecular Biology

Doctorate in Microbiology and Immunology
University of Colorado Medical School
Department of Microbiology

Bachelor of Science with Honors
University of Wyoming
Department of Molecular Biology/Veterinary Sciences

Selected Publications

Lyman MG, Urbin S, Strout C, Rubinfeld B. 2019. Book Chapter. The Oleaginous Red Yeast Rhodotorula/Rhodosporidium: A Factory for Industrial Bioproducts. Yeasts in Biotechnology. DOI:

Lyman MG, Rubinfeld B, Leif R, Mulcahy H, Dugan L, and Souza B.  2018. Rhodotorula taiwanensis MD1149 Produces Hypoacetylated PEFA Compounds with Increased Surface Activity Compared to Rhodotorula babjevae MD1169. PLoS ONE 13(1): e0190373.

Tkavc R, Grichenko OE, Matrosova VY, Gostincar C, Volpe RP, Klimenkova P, Gaidamakova EK, Zhou CE, Steward BJ, Lyman MG, Malfatti SA, Rubinfeld B, Singh J, Dalgard CL, Gunde-Cimerman N, Dugan LL, Daly MJ. 2017. Prospects for Fungal Bioremediation of Acidic Radioactive Waste Sites:  Characterization and Genome Sequence of Rhodotorula taiwanensis. MD1149. Front. Microbiol, 8:2528.

Grady SL, Malfatti SA, Gunasekera TS, Daley BK, Lyman MG, Striebich RC, Mathew MB, Zhou CL, Ruiz ON, Dugan LC. 2017. A Comprehensive Multi-Omics Approach Uncovers Adaptations for Growth and Survival of Pseudomonas aeruginosa on n-alkanes. BMC Genomics, 18:334.

Randall J, Lyman MG. 2013. Discrimination of Bacterial Growth Media Using Portable Raman Spectroscopy with Background Fluorescence Subtraction. Spectroscopy, vol 28, Issue 6, pp. s8-s20.

Taylor MP, Kramer T, Lyman MG, Kratchmarov R, and Enquist LW. 2012. Visualization of an Alphaherpesvirus Membrane Protein that is Essential for Anterograde Axonal Spread of Infection in Neurons. mBio, vol 3 issue 2 e00063-12.

Lyman MG, Kemp CD, Taylor MP, Enquist LW. 2009. A Comparison of the Pseudorabies Virus Us9 Protein With Homologs From Other Veterinary and Human Alphaherpesviruses. Journal of Virology, 83:6978-6986.

Lyman MG, Enquist LW. 2009. Herpesvirus Interactions with the Host Cytoskeleton. Journal of Virology, 83:2058-2066.

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Lyman MG, Curanovic D, Brideau AD, Enquist LW. 2008. Fusion of EGFP to the Pseudorabies Virus Axonal Sorting Protein, Us9, Blocks Anterograde Spread of Infection in Mammalian Neurons. Journal of Virology, 82:10308-10311.

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Clase AC, Lyman MG, del Rio T, Randall J, Calton C, Enquist LW, Banfield BW. 2003. The Pseudorabies Virus Us2 Protein, a Virion Tegument Component, Is Prenylated in Infected Cells.  Journal of Virology, 77:12285-12298.

Lyman MG, Demmin G, Banfield BW. 2003. The Attenuated Pseudorabies Virus Strain Bartha Fails To Package the Tegument Proteins Us3 and VP22. Journal of Virology, 77:1403-1414.