Hector E Lorenzana

Materials Science Division
Email: hlorenzana@llnl.gov
Phone: +19254228982


  • Ph.D. and A.B., Physics, Harvard University, 1990
  • M.A., Biophysics, Dartmouth College


Dr. Hector Lorenzana is the deputy division leader for science and technology in the Materials Science Division of the Physical and Life Sciences Directorate. In this capacity, one of his key responsibilities is to oversee the division’s scientific capabilities and growth opportunities. This division is composed of approximately 120 scientists and technical staff that encompass a wide range of disciplines and expertise with a focus on materials science.

Upon completion of his Ph.D., Dr. Lorenzana was awarded a University of California President’s Fellowship at the Berkeley campus. He pursued static high-pressure studies of gases in the Geophysics Department. Hired at LLNL in 1992, he built an effort to study phase transformations and chemical reactivity of first row elements at static high pressures. He has published discoveries of new structural phases in hydrogen and nitrogen and reactivity phenomena in carbon monoxide at ultra high-pressures. Most recently, he has led a Laboratory Strategic Initiative to explore materials properties under shock compression. His team has published the first comprehensive phase transformation and microstructural studies in situ and in real time of a transformation in a metal under shock compression.

In pursuit of these research goals, Dr. Lorenzana has served as leader of the Condensed Matter Experiments group in the Physics and Applied Technologies Directorate, as materials science section leader in the Defense and Nuclear Technologies Directorate, and as deputy division leader in the Physical and Life Sciences Directorate.