James Lewicki

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    Deputy Group Leader, Nanoscale, Surface, and Interface Science Group
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    (925) 423-1115
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Research Interests

Polymer aging, lifetime assessment and predictive modeling, Polymer physics, structure, and characterization. Mechanics of Materials, their response, dynamics, and failure. Advanced, Additive Manufacture process and feedstock development. Polymer composites & carbon fiber materials

Current position(s):

Director, Quantitative Polymer Aging and Degradation Laboratory; Major Technical Effort Lead, Aging and Lifetimes Program, WTE; Polymer Aging and Assessments Lead, W80-4 Program; Deputy Group Leader, Nanoscale Surface, and Interface Science

Career path:

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Non-Nuclear Materials, Enhanced Surveillance Campaign, WTE; Principal investigator Non-Nuclear Materials, Enhanced Surveillance Campaign, WTE.


• Carbon Fiber and advanced Composite, Additive manufacturing.
• Predictive, lifetime assessments for elastomeric composite materials
• Modeling and predication of radiation damage in polymer materials

Subject Matter Expertise:

• Polymer degradation, aging & lifetime prediction
• Mechanics and dynamic response of polymeric materials
• Polymer composites
• Advanced functional, macromolecular networks

Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University Strathclyde, Glasgow, 2007

Msci, Pure Chemistry, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 2004

Selected publications

  1. M. P. Kroonblawd, N. Goldman, A. Maiti & James P. Lewicki “Polymer degradation through chemical change: A quantum-based test of inferred reactions in irradiated polydimethylsiloxane” Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics (2022)
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  29. For a full list, see: Google Scholar | ResearchGate | Scopus | ORCID


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  1. J. P. Lewicki “Chemical Processes and Compositions for Mechanically Stabilizing Cellulose-Lignin Based Artifacts” WO/2019/099410
  • US DOE Secretary’s Achievement Award, 2019
  • LLNL Defense Programs, Award of Excellence, 2014
  • Physical and Life Sciences Directorate Award, 2015


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Permanent Committee Member – Polymer Degradation Discussion Group