Ana Kupresanin

Phone: +19254228348

Education and Professional Experience

  • Ph.D. in  Mathematical Statistics, Arizona State University
  • M.S. in  Applied Statistics, University of Pittsburgh
  • B.S. in Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Croatia

I joined the LLNL’s Applied Statistics group in 2009 after spending several years as a faculty member teaching mathematics and statistics. During that enjoyable period, more than a thousand students attended my classes.These days I collaborate with engineers and scientists to analyze data and develop statistical methodology for problems in diverse areas such as Stockpile certification and uncertainty quantification, Nuclear forensics, Climate modeling. I still enjoy working with students and every year look forward to summer months when I host a number of summer interns.

Research Interests

Statistics, probability, computer science, visualization and exploratory data analysis

Selected Publications

Eubank, R. and Kupresanin, A., Statistical Computing in C++ and R, Chapman & Hall/CRC, The R Series book, 540 pages, ISBN-10:1420066501, 2012.

Maljovec, D., Wang, B., Kupresanin, A., Johannesson, G., Pascucci, V., and Bremer,  P. T., "Adaptive sampling with topological scores," International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification 2, pp. 119–141, 2013.

Kupresanin, A., Shin, H., King, D., and Eubank, R., "An RKHS framework for functional data analysis," Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 12, pp. 3627–3637, 2010.

Professional Memberships

American Statistical Association (ASA)
ASA Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security
Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
American Mathematical Society (AMS)