Kareem Kazkaz

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    Staff Scientist
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    (925) 422-7208
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    Not Available

Research Interests

Kareem Kazkaz is a member of the Rare Event Detection group that builds and operates high-precision radiation detectors and develops algorithms aimed at detecting highly elusive particle interactions. His focus is specifically on direct neutrino mass measurements and WIMP dark matter detection. He is also involved in nuclear nonproliferation experiments involving highly efficient neutron detectors, scoping studies for use by the IAEA, as well as high-energy photon active interrogation to search for shielded SNM. His applied work also includes development of a small form factor nuclear battery.

Ph.D., Physics, University of Washington, 2006

M.Sc., Physics, University of Washington, 2001

B.Sc., Physics, Carleton College, 1995

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  • Directorate Award, Sprite Experiment, 2018
  • Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, Most Valued Reviewer, 2017
  • Spot Award, Water Cherenkov neutron detector, 2017
  • Directorate Award, PASS Experiment, 2015
  • Directorate Award, LUX Experiment, 2014
  • DOE Office of Science Outstanding Mentor, 2010