Xin Ju

Post-College Appointee
Atmospheric, Earth, and Energy Division
Phone: +19254232563


  • M.Sc., Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, 2019
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, 2016

Research Interests

My main research interests lie in developing and applying massively parallel, multi-physics numerical models for a variety of subsurface processes. Applications include the simulations of caprock fracturing during CO2 sequestration, gas production from methane hydrate reservoirs, and ground expression triggered by cyclic steaming in heavy-oil reservoirs.

Honors and Awards

  • 3rd prize, National Post-Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, P.R. China, 2017
  • Honorable Mention, Mathematical Contest in Modeling, U.S., 2016
  • 2nd prize, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2016
  • Outstanding Graduates of Sichuan Provinces, Department of Education of Sichuan, P.R. China, 2016
  • Honorable Mention, Mathematical Contest in Modeling, U.S., 2015                                          
  • National Scholarship, Peoples Republic of China Ministry of Education, P.R. China, 2014

Selected Publications

Google scholar page

Ju, X., Liu, F., Fu, P., White, M., Settgast, R. R. and Morris, J. P. (2020). Gas production from hot water circulation through hydraulic fractures in methane hydrate-bearing sediments: THC-coupled simulation of production mechanism. Energy & Fuels, 23;34(4):4448-65.

Fu, P., Wu, H., Ju, X., and Morris, J. P. (2020). Analyzing Fracture Flow Channel Area in EGS Collab Experiment 1 Testbed (No. LLNL-PROC-805113). Lawrence Livermore National Lab.(LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States).

Ju, X., Fu, P., Sherman, C. S., Huang, J., Settgast, R. R., and Morris, J. (2019). Numerical modeling of InSAR and DSS signatures of CO2 injection involving caprock fracturing. AGUFM, 2019, S31E-0578.

Fu, P., Ju, X., Huang, J., Settgast, R. R. and Morris, J. P. (2019). THM modeling of poroelastic sustainability of hydraulic fracture in CO2 storage reservoirs. In 53rd US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium. American Rock Mechanics Association.

Liu, F., Sun, H., Jung, J., Zhang, X., and Ju, X. (2019). Experimental study of pullout capacity of plate anchors shallowly embedded in hydrate bearing sediments. Ocean Engineering, 173: 548-555.

Ju, X., Liu, F., and Fu, P. (2018). Vulnerability of Seafloor at Shenhu Area, South China Sea Subjected to Hydrate Dissociation. In GeoShanghai International Conference (pp. 54-62). Springer, Singapore.

Ju, X. and Liu, F. (2016). A Preliminary Study on the Micro-Mechanism of Macroscopic Strength in Dense Bimodal Mixtures Using 2D DEM Simulation. In The Twenty-Ninth KKHTCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, Hong Kong, China.


Jul. 2017. Invention: Physical Modeling device and method for uplift Capacity of anchored Plates in hydrate-bearing Seafloor during Hydrate thermal exploitation (pending).