Can Huang

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Can Huang

As “CAN” providing food to customers in an efficient, secure, and reliable way, Can Huang is exploring advanced approaches to deliver electricity to customers with high efficiency, security, reliability, and resilience. 

Can Huang is a Research Engineer of the Energy Delivery and Utilization Group in the Computational Engineering Division (CED) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). His current research focuses on critical energy infrastructure resilience, energy systems monitoring and control, high-fidelity modeling and simulation, data analytics and event detection, and hardware design. He is currently working on several R&D projects on grid resilience and leading (PI) a DOE AGM project on the development of grid data management and analytics tools.

Can has over ten years of professional experience in power and energy engineering (IEEE Senior Member). Before joining LLNL, Can worked as an Electrical Engineer at China Electric Power Research Institute from 2011 to 2012, and then received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville in 2016. He has research experience on 1) power system measurement, protection, control, and communication, 2) power system operation and planning, 3) renewable energy systems, and 4) microgrid and distributed energy resources. He also has hands-on experience in developing Digital Simulator and HIL Testbed using LabVIEW and FPGA. 

Awards & Honors

• LLNL Computational Engineering Division Recognition Award, 2018

• Best Reviewer Award of IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 2017 (link)

• Best Reviewer Award of ASCE Journal of Energy Engineering, 2017 (link)

• Forerunners 5000 Best Paper Award, 2016

• University of Tennessee Chancellor’s Citation Award for Extraordinary Professional Promise, 2016

• Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Student Abroad, 2016 (link)

• Outstanding Volunteer Award of North America Chinese Power Professional Association, 2015 (link)

• Excellent Graduate Thesis of Jiangsu Province in China, 2011

Selected Publications (Google Scholar)

• Tao Ding, Cheng Li, Can Huang, Yongheng Yang, Fangxing Li, and Frede Blaabjerg, "A hierarchical modeling for reactive power optimization with joint transmission and distribution networks by curve fitting," IEEE Systems Journal, in Press.

• Tao Ding, Kai Sun, Can Huang, Zhaohong Bie, and Fangxing Li, "Mixed integer linear programming-based splitting strategies for power system islanding operation considering network connectivity," IEEE Systems Journal, in Press.

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