David Fittinghoff

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Personal Background

David Fittinghoff is known for making the first observation on enhanced double ionization of helium by an ultrashort laser pulse while he was a graduate student at LLNL and for contributions to the development of frequency-resolved optical gating, the first general method for measuring ultrashort laser pulses while a post-doc at Sandia National Laboratory. He has also worked in many other areas of experimental science including high-power microwave generation, two-photon confocal microscopy, the development of chirped pulse amplification systems, and the development of Thomson Scattering X-ray sources. Dr. Fittinghoff is currently a physicist at LLNL where he works on Underground Test Readiness as a reaction-history and neutron-imaging physicist in addition to multiple other laboratory projects.

Ph.D., Engineering Applied Science, University of California, Davis/Livermore, 1993

M.S., Engineering Applied Science, University of California, Davis/Livermore, 1989

B.S., Physics, University of California Davis, 1985