Rob Falgout


Portrait of  Rob Falgout
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    Computational Mathematician
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    (925) 422-4377
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Dr. Robert D. Falgout (Rob) is a computational mathematician in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC). He is the project leader for the hypre scalable linear solvers project and the XBraid parallel time integration project. His work is focused primarily on the development of multilevel methods, including the parallel computing and software design advancements needed to deliver these methods to the scientific simulation community.

Rob earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at the University of Virginia in 1991 under the direction of James Ortega and joined Lawrence Livermore as a postdoc that same year. He worked initially on the development of concurrent BLAS algorithms for dense matrix algebra and later served as the technical leader for the ParFlow groundwater flow project. He was the section leader for the Numerical Algorithms Section in CASC and the research program manager for the ASC Institute for Terascale Simulation. He also served on the editorial boards for the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing and Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications. Rob was named LLNL Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in 2018 and SIAM Fellow in 2021. He is the 2022 recipient of the SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing Career Prize.