Patrik M. D'haeseleer

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    Staff Scientist
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    (925) 422-9717
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My research focuses on systems biology of bacterial pathogens, and the study of microbial communities through metagenomics and other meta-omics data. Systems biology attempts to achieve a whole-system understanding of an organism, rather than focusing on a single gene at a time. I enjoy highly interdisciplinary research, working closely with experimental biologists, and linking them to computational analyses. After hours, I am involved in the local citizen science and DIYbio community, acting as the community projects coordinator at BioCurious in Sunnyvale, and co-founder and chair of Counter Culture Labs in the East Bay.

Postdoctoral researcher, Harvard Medical School, 2001-2004

Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of New Mexico, 2000

M.S. in Computer Science, Stanford University, 1993

M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Ghent University, Belgium, 1991

M.E. in Electrical Engineering, KIHO, Belgium, 1988

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