Indra Chakraborty

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    Data Scientist
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    (925) 423-8201
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    Not Available

Indrasis Chakraborty joined the Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC) in December 2019 as a data scientist. His research interests include data-driven system identification, dimensionality reduction, artificial data generation, and reinforcement learning.

Indrasis got his Ph.D. from University of Florida in December 2017, working with Prof. Warren Dixon. During his Ph.D. tenure, his research focus was on data-driven and machine learning-based control development for dynamical systems. Indrasis also holds an M.S. in Engineering and Applied Mathematics from University of Florida and a Bachelor's in Technology from Jadavpur University, India.

After his Ph.D., Indrasis spent almost two years as a staff scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, Washington. During his tenure at PNNL, Indrasis coauthored 10 peer-reviewed publications related to bringing machine learning theory into various energy applications, including building HVAC, electric grid, and transportation networks. Indrasis also led several DOE-funded projects including a multi-year ARPA-e NEXTCAR project and several LDRDs.