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    Atmospheric Scientist
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Dr. Philip Cameron-Smith has over 20 years of experience developing climate models at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).  He is currently the principal investigator of a strategic initiative studying “Climate Impacts on California Infrastructure”.  He was a group leader of the LLNL Climate Modeling & Analysis group for 8 years.  Lead author of the Greenhouse-Gas Information System report (GHGIS) modeling chapter.  Post-doc at Harvard University developing a coupled chemistry-climate model.  Ph.D. student at the University of Oxford analyzing radiative transfer of Jovian clouds using the NASA Galileo spacecraft.  And M.Sc. student at the University of Auckland analyzing theoretical quantum optics devices for measuring squeezed light.  He is on the Conventions Committee and Standard Names Committee for the international Climate and Forecast (CF) Metadata Convention, and was on the Modeling Advisory Committee for the Bay Area Air-Quality Management District (BAAQMD).

Ph.D., Physics, Oxford University, United Kingdom, 1998

M.Sc., Physics, Auckland University, New Zealand, 1994

B.Sc., Physics and Mathematics, Auckland University, New Zealand, 1991


Web of Science:

2023 - LLNL Global Security Gold Award for SOHIP instrument

2023 - LLNL AEED StandOut award for DEI outreach

2021 - LLNL Director’s Office Recognition (HPCIC Machine Learning for Industry Forum (ML4I))

2020 - Director’s Institutional Operational Excellence Award [“Virtual” Summer Student Program]

2018 - LLNL Division Award (AEED SPOT) [Toastmasters Advanced Leader Bronze award]

2011 - LLNL Directorate Award (PLS directorate) [Lead chapter author for government report]

2008 - LLNL Science & Technology Award (Lab Director) [contribution to IPCC and Nobel Peace Prize]

2001 - LLNL Energy and Environment Program Award [Mass conservation in chem transport models]

1994 - Commonwealth Scholarship to UK

1994 - Shirtcliffe Fellowship

1994 - Auckland University Doctoral scholarship

1993 - Fowlds Memorial Prize (Top in Science Faculty)

1992 - Auckland University Masters Graduate Scholarship

1991 - Senior Prize: Physics

1991 - Dennis Brown prize (Best Physics Labs)

1991 - Auckland University Summer Scholarship

1990 - Annual Prize: Chemistry

1988 - New Zealand Junior Scholarship

Toastmasters, Advanced Communicator Gold

Gliding, Silver C