Thomas M. Bunt

Portrait of  Thomas M. Bunt

  • Title
    Group Leader, Environmental Biology
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    (925) 423-9093
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    Not Available

Mr. Thomas Bunt has worked for over 14 years at LLNL on developing capabilities to detect and respond to biological threats. His interests are focused on leveraging diverse research teams and operational experience to deliver analytical methods, establish laboratories, and provide outreach to mitigate CBRNE threats and events. He has most recently supported Global Security projects to equip and train international teams to safely and efficiently detect and respond to threats encountered in the field. He also currently provides oversight and project management for complex research efforts involving energetic materials. Prior to working for LLNL, Mr. Bunt researched genetic divergence among fishes in the Bahamas, where he developed molecular markers to assess gene flow between emerging fish species to better understand the process of speciation.