Jamie A Bramwell

Email: bramwell1@llnl.gov
Phone: +19254235074

Jamie Bramwell

Education and Professional Experience

PhD, Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin, 2013.

MS, Computational and Applied Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin, 2011.

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, 2006.

Jamie is an integrated code developer at LLNL primarily working on ALE3D, a large-scale multi-physics code supporting the WCI program. Specifically, she focuses on nonlinear implicit solid mechanics including developing a modern 3D structural element capability to support complex mission analysis efforts within NIF. She also develops a new cardiac mechanics finite element package using MFEM, a high-order finite element framework developed within CASC, to explore potential solutions for modernizing production-scale engineering codes.

Research Interests

Current areas of interest include integrated multi-physics production code development, computational cardiac mechanics, high order finite element methods, nonlinear solid mechanics, laser-material interaction modelling, and modern object-oriented high-performance computing.

Selected Publications

J. Bramwell. A discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin method for seismic tomography problems (doctoral thesis). The University of Texas at Austin, 2013.

J. Bramwell, L. Demkowicz, J. Gopalakrishnan and W. Qiu. A locking-free hp DPG method for linear elasticity with symmetric stresses. Numerische Mathematik, 2012.

A. Niemi, J. Bramwell and L. Demkowicz. Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin method with optimal test functions for thin-body problems in solid mechanics. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 200(9-12):1291-1300, 2011.