Monica K. Borucki

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    Microbiologist, Research Scientist
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    (925) 424-4251
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Professional Interests

I have been interested in the emergence of viral pathogens since first studying viral evolution in the late 1990’s; a pivotal time in virology that saw the emergence of deadly viruses such as Sin Nombre hantavirus in the US, Nipah virus in Malaysia, and H5N1 avian influenza virus in Hong Kong. In the decades since then, sequencing technology has changed drastically and interpretation of the massive sets of data generated by next generation sequencing platforms requires close interaction between virologists and bioinformaticists to understand the patterns of evolution buried in the millions of sequencing reads. I have enjoyed being part of multidisciplinary teams studying the mechanisms used by different viral families during cross-species transmission. In particular I am interested in developing methods that provide deep insight into how viruses emerge and evolve, with the ultimate goal of combining biological research with computer modeling to enable predictive biology. I am also interested in developing new methods for biosurveillance and forensic studies.

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