Celine J. W Bonfils

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Research Interests

The heart of my research is the investigation of the nature and causes of regional climate change using global climate models simulations and observational records. My research interests include the evaluation of climate model performance, the detection of anthropogenic influence on temperature changes in western United States, the role of expanding irrigated lands on regional climate, the examination of the nature and definition of low-frequency climate modes of variability, and the mechanisms that can trigger abrupt climate changes in the future.

Ph.D. Oceanography, Meteorology, and Environment, University Paris VI, France, 2001

B.S. Chemistry, University of Cergy-Pontoise, France, 1995

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  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Science and Technology Awards 10/2008
  • United Nations Association - USA Honor 10/2008
  • Contributing author to 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Winning IPCC report
  • Ph.D. Appointment by French Atomic Energy Commission (09/1997-12/2000)