Nicholas A. Be

Portrait of  Nicholas A. Be

  • Title
    Group Leader, Microbiology/Immunology
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    (925) 423-1612
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    Not Available

Research Interests

My research focuses on leveraging metagenomics-based techniques for characterizing human pathogens and microbiomes. I lead research applying microbiome analytics and data science toward improving care for military service members, including combat-injured patients.

I am involved in a range of additional bio-detection efforts, including identification of microbial signatures in metagenomic data, next-generation techniques for detection of antimicrobial resistance and virulence, analysis of microorganisms in the environment and atmosphere, and assessment of microbial content on the International Space Station.

Postdoctoral research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2011-2014)

Ph.D. Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (2011)

B.S. Biochemistry, Calvin College (2005)