Maria Anastasiou

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    Postdoctoral Researcher
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    (925) 424-2001
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Professional Background

Maria Anastasiou attended the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the National Technical University of Athens where she earned a bachelor’s degree in physics in July 2012. During her undergraduate studies she participated in low-energy nuclear physics experiments conducted at the TANDEM Laboratory of the National Centre of Scientific Research "Demokritos" in Athens, Greece, and at the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements in Belgium. In August 2019, she graduated with a doctoral degree from the Physics Department at Florida State University, focusing on experimental nuclear astrophysics and the cross section measurement of the 18Ne(α,p)21Na reaction, using an active gas target detector. Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher in the Nuclear & Particle Physics group in the Nuclear & Chemical Sciences division at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, working on the fission time projection chamber (fissionTPC) project.

Research Interests

Low-energy nuclear physics, nuclear reactions

Ph.D. Physics, Florida State University, USA, 2019

M.S. Physics, Florida State University, USA, 2014

B.S. Physics, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 2012

  • Measurement of d+7Be Cross Sections for Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis, Rijal N., Wiedenhoever I., Blackmon J. C., Anastasiou M., Baby L.T., Caussyn D. D., Hoeflich P., Kemper K. W., Koshchiy E., RogachevG. V., Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 182701 (2019)
  • RESONEUT: A detector system for spectroscopy with (d,n) reactions in inverse kinematics, L.T. Baby, S.A. Kuvin, I. Wiedenhoever, M.Anastasiou, D. Caussyn, K. Colbert, N. Quails, D. Gay, NIM A 877,34-43 (2018)
  • Characterization of 235U Targets for the Development of a Secondary Neutron Fluence Standard, J. Heyse, M. Anastasiou, R. Eykens, A.Moens, A.J.M. Plompen, P. Schillebeeckx, G. Sibbens, D. Vanleeuw,R. Wynants, Nuclear Data Sheets 119, 407-409 (2014)