Kenneth Weiss

Phone: 925-423-1483

Kenneth is a computer science postdoctoral research associate in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing working with Peter Lindstrom.  His research interests include scientific visualization, spatial data structures, computational topology and shape modeling.

Kenneth earned a Ph.D. in computer science from the
University of Maryland, College Park and holds a dual degree in computer science and mathematics from Binghamton University.

Selected Publications

  • K. Weiss. Diamond-based models for scientific visualization. Ph.D. Thesis: University of Maryland, College Park, 2011. doi | pdf
  • K. Weiss, F. Iuricich, R. Fellegara and L. De Floriani. A primal/dual representation for discrete Morse complexes on tetrahedral meshes. In proceedings Eurovis 2013. Computer Graphics Forum 32(3):361--370, 2013.  doi | pdf
  • K. Weiss, R. Fellegara, L. De Floriani and M. Velloso. The PR-star Octree: A spatio-topological data structure for tetrahedral meshes. In proceedings ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS  pp. 92--101, 2011doi | pdf
  • D. Canino, L De Floriani and K. Weiss. IA*: An adjacency-based representation for non-manifold simplicial shapes in arbitrary dimensions. In proceedings Shape Modeling International (SMI '11). Computers & Graphics 35(3):747—753, 2011. doi | pdf
  • K. Weiss and L. De Floriani. Simplex and diamond hierarchies: Models and applications. Computer Graphics Forum 30(8):2127--2155, 2011. doi | pdf
  • K. Weiss, L. De Floriani. Isodiamond hierarchies: An efficient multiresolution representation for isosurfaces and interval volumes. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 16(4):583--598, 2010. doi | pdf
  • K. Weiss, L. De Floriani. Diamond hierarchies of arbitrary dimension. In proceedings Symposium on Geometry Processing 2009. Computer Graphics Forum 28(5):1289--1300, 2009. doi | pdf
  • K. Weiss, L. De Floriani. Supercubes: A high-level primitive for diamond hierarchies. In proceedings IEEE Visualization 2009). IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 15(6):1603--1610, 2009. doi | pdf
  • K. Weiss, L. De Floriani. Sparse terrain pyramids. In proceedings ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS pp. 115-124, 2008. doi | pdf

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