Liam G Stanton

Phone: 925-422-9851

Research Interests

Mathematical modeling  and numerical simulations in physics and chemistry.

Topics include: density functional theory, molecular dynamics, ionic transport phenomena, nonlinear diffusion, elasticity theory, phase-field modeling, electrostriction, Ginzburg-Landau theory, free-boundary problems, nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation.


Ph.D. - Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University, 2009
M.S. - Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University, 2005
B.S. - Physics and Mathematics, Boston College, 2004

Selected Publications

L.G. Stanton and M.Z. Bazant. Anisotropic Lattice Mismatch Strain in Phase-Separating Systems. (in preparation)

F.R. Graziani, V.S. Batista, L.X. Benedict , J.I. Castor, H. Chen, S.N. Chen, C.A. Fichtl, J.N. Glosli, P.E. Grabowski, A.T. Graf, S.P. Hau-Riege, A.U. Hazi, S.A. Khairallah, L. Krauss, A.B. Langdon, R.A. London, A. Markmann, M.S. Murillo, D.F. Richards, H.A. Scott, R. Shepherd, L.G. Stanton, M.P. Surh, J.C. Weisheit, H.D. Whitley, Large-scale molecular dynamics of dense plasmas: the Cimarron project. to appear, High Energy Density Physics, (2011).

L.G. Stanton and A.A. Golovin. Effect of Ion Migration on the Self-Assembly of Porous Nanostructures in Anodic
Oxides. Phys. Rev. B 79, 035414 (2009)

L.G. Stanton and A.A. Golovin. Effect of electrostriction on the self-organization of porous nanostructures in anodized aluminum oxide. Math. Mod. Nat. Phen. 3, 5 (2008)

V.A. Volpert, A.A. Nepomnyashchy, L.G. Stanton and A. A. Golovin. Bounded Solutions of Nonlocal Complex
Ginzburg-Landau Equations for a Subcritical Bifurcation. SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Syst. 7, 265 (2008)

L.G. Stanton and A.A. Golovin. Global feedback control for pattern-forming systems. Phys. Rev. E 76, 3 (2007)