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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Jeffrey Mark Connors

Phone: 860-405-9188

Jeffrey is currently a Post Doctoral Research Associate at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He is working in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing studying various a posteriori error estimation techniques for uncertainty quantification. Jeffrey is interested broadly in numerical methods for partial differential equations with applications to problems in fluid dynamics and climate science.

Jeffrey received his Ph. D. from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh in 2010. As a graduate student he studied topics in scientific computing under advisor William J. Layton. His dissertation work focused on stable decoupling methods for atmosphere-ocean interaction. He also received his B. S. Engr. at the University of Pittsburgh in 2003 in Engineering Physics.


Submitted Publications

"Decoupled time stepping methods for fluid-fluid interaction", Jeffrey M. Connors, Jason S. Howell and William J. Layton, submitted to SINUM, in revision, 2009.

"High accuracy semi-implicit spectral deferred correction decoupling methods for a parabolic two domain problem", Jeffrey M. Connors and Alexander E. Labovsky, submitted to ANM, in revision, 2010.

Accepted Publications

"A fluid-fluid interaction method using decoupled subproblems and differing time steps", Jeffrey M. Connors and Jason S. Howell, to appear in NMPDE, 2011.

"Uncertainty quantification for a two domain natural convection problem", Jeffrey M. Connors and Benjamin Ganis, published first online, Computational Geosciences, 2010.

"Partitioned time discretization for parallel solution of coupled ODE systems", Jeffrey M. Connors and Attou Miloua, to appear (available online), BIT, 2010.

"Convergence analysis and computational testing of the finite element discretization of the Navier-Stokes-alpha model", Jeffrey M. Connors, NMPDE, Vol. 26, No. 6, 2010, pp. 1328 - 1350.

"Partitioned time stepping methods for a parabolic two-domain problem", Jeffrey M. Connors, Jason S. Howell and William J. Layton, SIAM Jour. Num. Analysis, Vol. 47, No. 5, 2009.

"On the accuracy of the finite element method plus time relaxation", William J. Layton and Jeffrey M. Connors,  Mathematics of Computation, Vol. 79, 2010, pp. 619-648.