Sasha Ames

Phone: 925-424-4644

Sasha Ames is a postdoctoral researcher in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  He works for Maya Gokhale on application analysis and evaluation of the DI-MMAP runtime for the DCA LDRD effort.  He also works for Jonathan Allen on the "Metagenomics Search" LDRD where he is primarily responsible for the framework to create searchable genome reference database.  As part of this project, he co-manages the software development and release efforts for the Livermore Metagenomics Analysis Toolkit (LMAT).

Sasha received his PhD from UC Santa Cruz in 2011 while working at LLNL as part of the Lawrence Scholar Program (since 2008) with Prof. Carlos Maltzahn.   This work was part of the SISC and PerMA LDRD efforts, in which he developed the QUASAR query language and QMDS file system software prototype.  Previously, he earned a B.A. in computer science from Columbia University, spent several years in industry, working on a financial web application and intrusion detection software, and received a M.S. from UCSC, prior to working at LLNL.  


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Sasha Ames
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